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Your journey to self love is your journey! We are vessels being used by God to share some of our areas that we have had troubles in and how listening and discerning the voice of God has helped us come out. We don’t always get it right at all but being self-aware of your patterns will help you. One thing I shared was my use of Alcohol. I don’t consume a lot of alcohol I would mainly just drink wine. When I drink I know my defenses are down and I’m ignoring things I probably wouldn’t ignore in a sober mindset. That’s a pattern that I’ve recognized within myself and is trying to correct. I just want you all to know it can be different areas and patterns that need to be broken and it doesn’t always look the same for everybody. One of my sisters in christ said “if you want something you never had then you have to do something you never did”‼️ I believe in this journey God is calling me to do exactly that. One of the things I desire is to be a wife and have a husband. But if I’m honest the person who God has for me may not be what I’m accustomed to in the physical. We get caught up in our desires and although God said he will give you the desires of your heart... your heart can also be deceitful. On this journey of growing and maturing I no longer have the appetite for what I want. I want what God wants for me because he knows best. He know what I need. I’m called to serve, encourage, deliver, motivate, and love all GOD children. I’m on a mission and that man I know will have the same values and our purpose will align. Surrender it all to God and yes ask for what you want in a man but also ask God to give you what you need. Let’s practice more of Guarding our heart, setting healthy boundaries, and showing ourselves a little more compassion. Call out how you are feeling and own your feelings but don’t stay there. This is also building us for all relationships that we are currently in whether it’s a spouse, mother, father, parenting, coworker, and friends. Continue to walk in Gods light. This life we have is not ours. Let God use you and surrender to his will for your life! 🙏🏾🧎🏽‍♀️❤️

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