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My Family (3 Musketeers)

I Am 35 years old with 2 beautiful daughters Tayler (12) and Qourtney (8). I’ve been married

to divorced to engaged and now living my single life on purpose. I know it can be a challenge being a single mother trying to raise kids in our culture. I’ve made so many mistakes, but from those mistakes I’ve now gain wisdom on what not to do or how to do things differently. My goal now is to set an example before them as to what Gods Love really looks like. The madness in my life prompted me to seek therapy because I know I wanted and needed to be a healthier “ME” for my girls. The therapy and of course the prayers and counsel from My Pastor helped me tremendously through these times. I knew from going to therapy it was habits and patterns I would need to break. I’m here today because I now declare that I am generational curse breaker and chain breaker. I now know that everything starts with me! My hope to you reading this .... yes YOU. If you are having challenges in life seek help from a trusted friend, a therapist, or me your new sister in Christ. I’m only a message away! Love you! ️

Ms. Danita Reese

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