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HURT No More!

This note was created on Decemeber 30, 2018 at 8:31 PM (read note first). I reflect back on this moment in my life where i so desperately needed help, from all the pain, hurt, disappointments, and anguish. I've asked myself these same questions a few times. If you're anything like me, calling on GOD is the furthest thing from your mind. We be wanting immediate answers and change. Unfortunately it doesn't work like that. I’ve learned from my own disappointments and pains that I handed the enemy the key. I continued to give myself to people who was undeserving of my time. People who only came to drain the good and the light out of me. I had gotten so use to this that I thought at one point this is truly how a relationship/friendship suppose to work. They do say it’s unconditional right? Well that’s partly correct. If we continue aligning ourselves with people who are only coming to kill, steal, and destroy us we will continue to be in pain. If your relationships aren’t helping you to produce in what God is calling you to do to glorify his name and his Kingdom that’s a clear sign it’s time to re-evaluate the relationship(s). I know this can be a challenge because we get so comfortable in dysfunction and continue to look for answers and comfort in the very thing or people that broke us down. I stated earlier that when we are hurting and in pain we don’t want to call on God. Reality is the 1st person we should be calling on is God. He has already promise us life and life abundantly, he has already told us we are the Apple of his eye, he has already said he has a plan for our lives, plan to prosper us and not hurt us, plan to give us a hope and a future. I’m here today because of his promises and his unconditional love. Lean on GOD whole-heartedly and not on your own understanding. From the date this note was created 12/30/2018 until now I can truly see how God has moved in my life. He delivered me from so many things and it was simply with me saying YES and allowing him to lead me. All of the things you are expecting GOD to do starts with you, and you saying YES to him. We can’t afford to delay our process any longer. Let God mend your heart and brokenness. Tell him to do it now and let his will be done. Go before him prayer and thanksgiving and declare and decree you are Beautiful, Loved, Whole, Free, Brave, and Bold. Thank him for saving a wretch like you and me. Thank him for new eyes. Thank him for peace. It’s time that we get to know God for ourselves in a more deeper intimate level. Your breakthrough and promise is through him.

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