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Happiness 2021

When you think of Happiness what comes to mind???? Well let me answer first. When I say the word Happiness I immediately think about PEACE. Peace of mind, peace to sleep night without worrying about any negative or toxic relationships. Peace in knowing that I made a decision that was in my best interest, but Happiness doesn't stop or start there. It's many different levels. I want to provide you with some KEY elements that helped me find Happiness (True Happiness), and it started with the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

When I think of the mind, I think of being in Purpose. Have you found your purpose in life? In my opinion if you haven't found your purpose, it will be hard to truly be happy. What I mean by that is if you're not moving in purpose you really haven't discovered who you really are. I made so many mistakes and bad decisions without knowing my purpose for being here. Discover your purpose and I can almost guarantee things will align for you and that's a step towards Happiness.

Now lets move on to the body(external). When I think of body a few things come to mind like Relationships, Culture, and Money. Today we will focus on Relationships {HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS}.I've learned over the past couple of years that QUALITY matters more than Quantity. Many of us have seek happiness from the wrong source because we are looking to be validated by so many of the wrong people. Healthy relationships are not only good for our bodies, but our mind as well. A healthy relationship where you are able to depend on someone and trust. Many times to get to this place we have to understand what LOVE is. Love where you are compassionate for others, being present, and engaging. Lets lead more in showing, spreading, and being Love. HAPPINESS is love.

Last but not least HAPPINESS in the Spirit. If you know me you already know what I'm about to say lol. Once I stopped looking for other people to make me happy and allowed GOD words to mend my broking pieces happiness was right around the corner. See for me its about getting right within first. How can we expect to have healthy happy relationships if we're not happy within. In the New Year 2021 lets focus more on getting right within to have those long lasting friendships, relationships, and businesses. Choosing GOD and allowing him to fill you will never go out of style and he is the KEY to our HAPPINESS. Start with GOD and if you need to take another step let it be with a therapist and/or trusted friend. I'm going after everything GOD promised me and HAPPINESS is my first stop.

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